Andy Snitzer - Signature Custom Raw

Andy Snitzer is a New York based professional tenor saxophonist and recording artist who has worked with some of the most well known musicians in the world. Some of Andy’s performance and recording credits include, Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett, Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Beck, Sting, and The Rolling Stones to name a few.

Andy plays a Signature Custom RAW XS Tenor Saxophone.

Interview with Andy Snitzer

We were able to catch up with Andy and ask him how he’s enjoying playing his Signature Custom RAW XS Tenor Saxophone.

How are you enjoying the new horn?

I like it a lot. The ergonomics are comfortable, it sounds great. It’s a big dose of the things that I crave as a player. It feels like my Mark VI but has the playability of a new instrument.

What is your set up?

I use the Trevor James Signature Custom Raw XS with a Ishimori ligature, Rico reeds, and Jody Jazz DV7* Mouthpiece…

How do you go from playing your saxophone to hooking up with Sting & Paul Simon?

You go where the music business is, a place like New York, and play wherever and whenever you can. you have to let the business hear you, and get to know you.
Professional Tenor Saxophone
What’s the difference between playing in a club vs playing it a stadium?

The stadium shows are huge and truly awe inspiring. However you are so far from the crowd, it’s not very personal. The club is the opposite, very personal as you can see each person in the venue.

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