Comparing The Trevor James Signature Custom RAW Saxophones

We’ve now added a comparison video for the different models of Alto Saxophones! Please let us know what you think of the comparison in the comments below!

One question we are frequently asked is how the different models of the Signature Custom RAW series sound compared to each other. With the help of jazz saxophonist Steve Kaldestad, we’ve put together the following video & audio clips to help you hear the differences in the horn. All of the recordings we’re done in the same room, on the same mic.


Alto Saxophones

Tenor Saxophones

In this video we compare the RAW, RAW XS, Silver Plated, and Gold Lacquer Models.


If you prefer to listen without the visuals, listen to these audio clips.

Signature Custom RAW

Signature Custom RAW XS

Signature Custom RAW Silver Plated

Signature Custom Lacquer

Saxophonist: Steve Kaldestad
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