Review – Larrie Cook

I have spent over 40 years in search of the ultimate tenor sax. I have owned a Selmer Mark VI, Yamaha YST62, tried the reference Selmers, 36 & 54. All great super saxophones in their own right. That was until I was introduced me to the Trevor James Custom Signature Raw tenor! I was hooked from the first note! I could not fault this race horse of a sax. It was like being reborn. I guess previous attempts at finding the perfect tenor for me resulted in …..great in the high and mid notes but leaving something to be desired in the lower notes. Or great in the lower and mid notes but squawky in the higher registers. Be prepared for the first test run on the Trevor James Custom Signature Raw tenor! I found it had no boundaries. So much so, I had to go back to the “wood shed” to re-learn this wonderful saxophone that has no limits and discover a new way to exploit the sax!!! If all the Trevor James Custom Signature Raw tenors are the same as this gem I own, I expect this to be the number one sax world wide!!!!!

Larrie Cook