Review – Stephen Howard Woodwind

The body is nicely built, with level and smooth tone holes, and features a detachable bell section. The model featured here is the large-bell variant (159mm – 6 1/4″) and there’s a standard bell model available for £50 less.

The pillars and fittings are neatly made too and well-fitted with no signs of sloppy solderwork, and include all the modern features such as a removable side F# key guard, adjustable thumb hook and a triple-point bell stay.

The pillars are fitted to ribs – also known a ‘ribbed construction’ – and those that are standalone feature generously-sized bases, which will help prevent them being dislodged in the event of a knock.

I would have liked to have seen slightly larger guard mount feet though, as these are quite vulnerable and often prone to being knocked off.

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